Torni Spa Privacy Policy

1. Introduction


This privacy policy describes the principles of processing personal data regarding the services of our business ( Helsinki Day Spa ). A more detailed description of our services is available on our website, or from us by request.

Among other things, this policy describes:

how our Business processes our customers’ personal data.
what kinds of personal data our Business may collect on customers.
what purposes our Business may use customers’ personal data for.
customers’ rights regarding the personal data we have collected.


2. Keepers of the register

Toomas Uibu Helsinki Wellness & Spa Oy
Marge Uibu 1908283-5
The above-mentioned keepers of the register shall administer and maintain the customer register as described in this privacy policy independently from one another, and collectively form the Business described in this privacy policy. If one of the above-mentioned keepers of the register decides to start practising their trade under a third-party business, the Business has the right to hand over a copy of the customer register, including for the use of this third-party business. If a private individual demands that their personal data remain only available to the Business defined in this privacy policy, they are asked to notify the contact person of the keepers of the register.


3. Contact person and contact information for the keepers of the register

Name: Toomas Uibu
Phone number: 010 616 8980
E-mail address:
Address: Erottajankatu 4 00120 Helsinki


4. Name of the register

Customer register


5. Background and purpose of collecting personal data

Personal data of the customers of the Business (i.e. the keepers of the register collectively) shall be collected in the register to allow services to be offered appropriately and lawfully. Customers’ personal data shall be used primarily for the maintenance of the customer relationship, communication and marketing.

For processing and maintaining personal data, representatives of the Business shall collectively use the Timma service, which is a reservation and customership management system produced by Timma Oy (for more information: For clarification, Timma Oy is not the keeper of the customer register described here; instead, said company is a so-called processor of personal data that has appropriately taken care of the responsibilities of a processor of personal data.


6. Register contents

Personal data submitted by the customer during a reservation that is considered necessary for appropriately maintaining a customer relationship shall be stored in the register. During a reservation, the customer shall be asked to provide the following information through an online reservation form or another means of reservation (e.g. a phone call):

Phone number
E-mail address
Additional information or wishes for the reservation
Consent for direct marketing by e-mail
Consent for direct marketing by text message

In addition, the Business may store the following information about the customer in the customer register:

Customer’s general information concerning the services offered
How many times the customer has failed to show up for an appointment
Which employee’s regular customer the customer is
Discounts awarded for the customer
Additional information for utilising personal data collected from the customer during the customer relationship for the customer’s benefit also in the future

In addition to the aforementioned, the Business shall retain information about the time of the reservation and the customer’s identifier.